How to see PowerPoint presenter view when sharing your slides and video in a Microsoft Teams meeting

How to see PowerPoint presenter view when sharing your slides and video in a Microsoft Teams meeting

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I wanted to expand a bit on a previous post about displaying your face and content simultaneously during a Microsoft Teams meeting. A number of comments popped up asking if you can specifically present PowerPoint slides, see presenter view in PowerPoint, and show your camera’s feed. Well, I’m happy to say you totally can. For a video version of this post (you probably want to watch since this is a demo-heavy concept), click play below.

The goal today is to be able to present PowerPoint slides, share your webcam’s video feed, and still be able to see and use PowerPoint’s presenter view, which gives you previews of upcoming animations and slides, displays your slide notes, and lets you jump between slides. The screen with the slides and the video feed can be shared in a Microsoft Teams meeting, which gives you the ability to show your video feed and your slides at the same time, in a configurable way.

The solution can be done many ways and it boils down to this: you need two screens and you need a camera or media app that 1) can show your webcam’s video feed and 2) is able to have its window set to always on top, so the slides don’t overtake the video window. Then you just share that screen in your Teams meeting. Heck, if you know how to do that already, you can stop reading now. If you don’t, that’s what this post is for.

The prerequisite for being able to do this: you need to be using two screens. Whether that’s a laptop and a second monitor or a desktop with two monitors or even a laptop and a projector or smart board or something else, it doesn’t really matter. Incidentally, for some best practices on using two screens in a Teams meeting, see my recent post on that.

Presenter view in PowerPoint generally only shows when you have two screens going. It was always intended for a presenter at a lectern who needs to see notes and upcoming slides on screen one (the laptop) while the audience sees screen two (the big screen), but it’s become that much more useful for those of us who are lucky enough to have two monitors.

Following the main tip I mentioned in my post on using two screens in a Teams meeting, start up a slideshow and whichever screen shows the slides is the one you want to share. The other one is your safe space and should show presenter view. Close your slideshow for now. We’ll come back to it later.

What we really need is a way to show your face on top of your slides.This works flawlessly with macOS using QuickTime Player, so let’s cover that first. Open QuickTime, click File > New Movie Recording.You’ll see your face looking back at you. В Now, all you have to do is click View> Float on Top. Launch your slideshow again. Your face stays on top.Move it around, resize it, do with it what you will. When you’re in your meeting, share this screen. As is typical with Mac, it just works.

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