Hello Meg, My personal eighth generation huge daddy got John Carter(aka Jean Baptiste Chartier)

Hello Meg, My personal eighth generation huge daddy got John Carter(aka Jean Baptiste Chartier)

My personal aunt happens to be researching our family for decades now and probably supply addiitional information. Be sure to contact me. Thank You!

Thank you, we look to hear away from you when you have discovered information or have time within hectic schedule

Hello Erin. Thanks a lot for the a reaction to my inquiry. I’m sure you may be conscious of the historic significance of Deerfield if you have explored the Chartiers/Carters. It was several years, but i’ve discovered a good many on-line details about Jean Baptiste Chartier (John Carter) while the Chartier/Carter, household in Canada. I understand about John/Jean’s relationship to Marie Courtemanche & most from the origins when I has spoken years ago to Vernon Chartier which at the time, was actually the Chartier parents historian. But I have not ever been able to find aside what happened to his cousin, compassion. I know she e nor perform I know the names of the woman sons. I understand that Mercy got no less than two sons, and maybe one child, and this the sons went to their own grandpa (compassion’s father) in Norwalk, CT. I checked out Deerfield and found a pass for example of compassion’s sons to go to CT but there is no signature or name of boy on it. If you have any information regarding Mercy, I would personally end up being truly thankful www.datingranking.net/single-muslim-review. My personal great-grandmother was Laura Carter of (Keesville, NY) then afterwards, Redford, nyc, (aka oureux, married to Antoine Chartier of Canada). Laura’s dae or Della, frequently referred to in documents as Delia or Delimma, that’s wrong in chapel information, hitched Pierre Mousseaux or Mousso as well as lived on Lyon Mountain, near Dannemora, New York. The Mousso’s Americanized their own title as performed the Chartiers. this has been very difficult for Franco-Americans to locate her ancestors because of the numerous title variations by churches and record keepers for the U.S., and the poor record keeping system of that time period in sparsely inhabited areas of upstate ny. When you yourself have detailed information on compassion whenever truly a great deal to place using the internet, you might get in touch with myself via my e-mail at Thanks a lot a whole lot to suit your reaction to my query. I look ahead to hearing from you.

Hi, we too am seeking ant info on compassion Carter. I’m a descendant of John Carter (Jean Chartier). Any services is greatly valued. Dianne Sperre

My husband and kids include direct descendants. I’ve a tree on origins known as Parry-Sigleo tree who has each of my suggestions.

I am hoping your or your children could help me to concerning compassion Carter when I would love to know what happened to the woman in Canada after the pressured march from Deerfield, Massachusetts together with massacre

Hey Evelyn, Im also on the lookout for home elevators the Chartier line trying to locate household lore that Laura Chartier was actually indigenous United states. Taking a look at pictures of the woman along with her mother, oreaux, it certainly is maybe not a far fetch. The difficulty I have found try finding noted proof of this type of. Is it possible to aim me personally when you look at the proper direction for researching these records?

Evelyn, just one different review that I would like to create. About five years ago I had a genealogy DNA examination done. During the time, this examination was actually a tad pricey but ever since then, the exams came way down in cost and so are today reasonably cheap $200 approximately). The test indicated that i will be of 19.8per cent asian lineage. I am positive this is not from my personal dads section of the parents therefore, it must result from my personal moms part. I tracked my grandfather Shelters part to Prussia, and from that point, to Germantown in New York, so I cannot believe there clearly was asian bloodstream within his parents, which could merely leave asian blood in Laura Carter’s area of the families that would imply that Im a descendant of John Carter (Jean Chartier), not Mercy Carter, but, in every of my loved ones background from word of mouth from my mummy (Laura Carter’s girl, Delah aˆ“ Della Mae Carter just who hitched Peter Mousso), I happened to be told that I’d indian blood from my personal great grandmother’s section of the family members. Naturally, this is extremely confusing and I bring attempted in vain having my personal 3 siblings experience the genealogy DNA test done, that I become would resolve my personal ancestral concern for good. It’s so most unfortunate that registers can’t be located for Kanawake/Kanienkehaka, but I feel there has to be data stored someplace since the jesuits stored excellent reports. Probably other individuals from the Carter/Mousso heritage might give consideration to obtaining the genealogical DNA test done, there might be some fascinating information. I enjoyed your feedback.

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