Betrayed Count On, Parts Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Evidence Indicates Or Else

Betrayed Count On, Parts Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Evidence Indicates Or Else

Is Brad and Lori Anne Thompson extortionists who entrapped Ravi Zacharias in a sexting scandal for monetary gain? Or, are they subjects of Zacharias-an alleged sexual predator, whom preemptively charged all of them whenever they tried to keep Zacharias answerable?

This real question is main to a 2017 sexting scandal including Zacharias and Lori Anne Thompson, and assessing latest research reported in Parts One and parts a couple of this show.

Yet a bit of facts that apparently contradicts this narrative try a need page the couple’s attorney at the time, .

The page advertised that Zacharias had a€?caused permanent problems for the Thompson family members.a€? Also it claimed that instead of a€?protracted and public lawsuit,a€? the Thompsons would sign a release of Zacharias along with his ministry for a€?the quantity of $5 million bucks.a€?

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Four period later, Zacharias responded with a federal lawsuit, accusing the Thompsons of a€?coaxing your into an improper on line relationshipa€? as an element of a months-long design to extort money from your.

One, it reported that Brad Thompson got earlier charged a pastor with his chapel, saying the pastor had made use of his place to coerce Mr. Thompson into producing a€?ill-advised debts and assets.a€? Relating to Zacharias’ suit, Thompson terminated their match resistant to the pastor in 2010 a€?after the parties entered into money.a€?

Next, Zacharias’ suit alleged that a€?sometime following the payment, the Thompsons started experiencing big economic stress,a€? thus promoting added motive because of their alleged extortion scheme.

However, a better examination of these activities, while the conditions around them, casts question on claims in Zacharias’ suit.

The Suit Against Maranatha

In 2008, Brad Thompson, an industrial builder and business proprietor, charged Pastor John Visser and Maranatha Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in Belleville, Ontario, for almost $one million in problems.

Relating to Christianity present 2017 article regarding sexting scandal, the lawsuit ended up being fell. And a€?pastor was briefly suspended, but their church and denomination eventually stood by your.a€?

Visser’s denomination wouldn’t uphold your. They just provided your a 90-day suspension, as opposed to deposing your, which was the advice on the CRC’s Judicial signal Committee, which examined Visser in 2012.

The CRC Synod concluded that Visser got a€?guilty of misuse regarding the office of a minister.a€? And about the Thompsons, the Synod learned that a€?Pastor Visser abused his workplace for inappropriate finishes and/or self-interest by soliciting and/or letting a counselee . . . to invest in businesses that (Visser) with his family possessed.a€?

In the long run, the denomination allowed Visser to come back on pastorate, but just after distributing for the denomination’s requirements that Visser pick outdoors supervision for their counseling ministry.

Betrayed Depend On, Parts Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Had Been Extortionists, But Research Means Otherwise

I spoke with Brad Thompson regarding what occurred between him and Visser. (Though Brad mentioned he and Lori Anne couldn’t speak about their unique partnership with Zacharias because of the NDA, the guy mentioned the guy and Lori Anne become absolve to speak about anything. In addition they can speak about specific accusations Zacharias made in their 2017 declaration about all of them.)

Brad said both the guy and Lori Anne stumbled on Christ as people from damaged experiences, and happened to be attracted to Visser’s church due to its healing ministry and a€?heavy shepherdinga€? model. (Lori Anne enjoys authored most in-depth regarding the partners’s knowledge at their blog.)

Brad said both he and Lori Anne visited Visser for counseling. And Brad stated it was in the context of this sessions relationship that Visser coaxed Brad into loaning your cash over repeatedly.

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